NFE Exhibition Stand 2011

Design and project management for the joint J C Atkinson and Hainsworth exhibition stand at the National Funeral Exhibition (2011), Coventry.



J C Atkinson & Son / Hainsworth. Hainsworth is a world renowned specialist textile company, bringing together the traditional qualities of craftsmanship with cutting edge innovation and product development.

J C Atkinson are the UK’s unrivalled manufacturer and distributor of environmentally friendly coffins and caskets.

To create a shared and integrated space for joint exhibitors at the National Funeral Exhibition (NFE).

The exhibition stand needed to display products from both companies and be able to host visitors comfortably. Branding from both parties had to be clear and distinct but work in a unified manner.

The stand was carefully zoned to include a designated product area, a bar/workstaion and a comfortable client lounge; projected animations introducing new products and services were used in tandem with more traditional and tactile product displays; and a set of core graphics were implemented throughout, designed to unify the branding of both companies.



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