Mambo Soltex Stand


An update of the existing Mambo (International) exhibition stand to reflect the new style of branding. Installed at the GMEX in Manchester.



Mambo launched in 1984 with a nicely printed T-Shirt and a fairly authentic pair of board shorts. From its humble beginnings it became an internationally recognised surf brand, blending their passion for clothes with art, music and humour.
To take current trends in street art and culture and apply the visual styling to the existing exhibition space. The stand was part of the Soltex UK trade show for snow, board and outdoor sports at the GMEX in Manchester.
A combination of stencilled graffiti, hand drawn artwork and large printed wall panels updated the stand and provided an edgy and urban style of branding. The graphics directly referenced current work by selected Mambo artists, and clothing items in the season’s range.


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